winter is here

Yes, it snowed last night. Then it got warmer, then more snow and the temperature dropped again by the morning. The result - icy road this morning.
Today was the last meeting of our group of the Embroiderer's Guild, next meeting in 2011. So, braving the icy road and knowing that there is 2 1/2 miles between me and the main road which, hopefully, would be treated, I set out, driving very gingerly.
When I arrived at my destination, I was the only one there! Eventually, another lady arrived, but that was it, we just set there, looking at the locked door. Obviously, everyone else knew something we didn't, that probably due to the weather, today's meeting has been cancelled. Only, they forgot to tell the two of us! Wouldn't you be mad? And as I am writing this, I am yet to hear from the anyone on the committee.
So I came back again, on the same icy road. At least I have taken some pictures.