value for money

This is a new magazine on the market, by Leanne Beasley.
When I first saw it advertised, I got quite exited and placed my order with Buttonberry. It is a quarterly magazine, which I believe Leanne Beasley wanted to do for some time.

Please note the price:

£12 incl p&p

I was still exited when the envelope dropped through the door, until I felt how THIN it was.
After opening the the envelope I was very, very disappointed.
The magazine has 35 pages. Yes, there are instructions for block one of a new, 16 part mystery quilt by Leanne, in 8 pages, instructions for a very simple notice board, 4 pages, a table runner, 2 pages.
BUT, there is also a double page on how to make a lemonade, a double page on how to make a chicken sandwich, a double page on how to grow mint in a pot!!!??? Oh, and a visit to Glen Harrow's (?) garden, with pictures of some her quilt collection, 6 pages.
Are you counting pages? By now I was! Take the page with "contents", the page with welcome letter from Leanne Beasley...The rest is not worth mentioning.
Pretty magazine, I might (might) give £4 if I saw it in a shop. Needless to say, I cancelled my subscription, explaining to the ladies at Buttonberry my reasons. From their response I know I wasn't the only one.
Value for money? Well, I definitively don't thinks so, but I would be very interested if anyone else has bought the magazine and what they think of it.

Not all was lost. The postman brought the last past of BOM instructions. I better get stitching!