all in a day

The winter arrived this week, gone is the hope of an early spring. We have been having some very cold days, with temperatures as low as -10C. This weather comes from the Continental Europe, where they are having it much, much worse.
We woke up this morning to a bright, but cold frosty morning.

 Not wanting to drive anywhere, we decided on a walk from the house, out of the village, across frozen fields, in the direction of Alfred's Tower,

with only a cold wind and sheep for the company.

Normally there is a very good view from up here, but by the time we walked up to this point, the sky clouded over and only parts of the village were visible, although most of the village is hidden in the valley.

Back down in the village, the duck on the local pond complained that it had to get it's skates on instead of going for a swim!

By the late afternoon, the picture changed completely.

The snow arrived.

The best place is by the fire, with my silk embroidery project, and planning the border for the "Summer" quilt, now that all the central blocks are done.